Your Life App

Icygo is the go to app to make events with your friends and share the moments so you can remember them forever. Create your own groups, chat with your friends, and find new places to explore with those that matter most to you. You'll find that theres alot more in icygo that will make your life so much better. So stop wasting your time and start making those icys!


Interact with the cube to decide where to go and to make your events with friends.


Organize all your events with your all-in-one schedule page. Chat, add more, and gps yourself to all events.


Keep up with all your friends on your newsfeed, and see what events are happening and who’s going.

My World

Find new friends and make your own groups tailored to your world. Oh, did we also mention we have a full chat feature?

Team ICY

Once upon a time...destiny brought good and ambitious people together to complete one mission. The mission is to bring everyone back to happy times, back to the icy times. Join us and become an icygoer.

Armin Ahmetovic | CEO

Abood Dahnoun | COO

Frazier Robinson | CMO

Any questions or feedback? Just make our icy-line bling!